"The Child With 3 Eyes" by Jake Sandt

Hello you, unspoken child,
at last we meet again,
Forgotten words, revisit slow,
amending our past offense.

Through disciplined principles, we rewire laws,
Blessed with the heart of an old soul,
Wisdom retrieved by the holy divine,
Three eyes to guide the unknown,

Daddy the voices, i'm hearing them speak,
all day, all morning, all night,
Crazy i know, but now that i listen,
it makes sense to me and my mind,

Connecting the links of my own conception,
to analyze what I collect,
An understanding can now be formed,
from what these voices project,

Tiny scripts for public review,
to be released in the coming of time,
But only to those who hear voices inside,
and can look me in all three eyes.

by: Jake Sandt

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